Fall Concert RSVP link – http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/86HR676

Parents, family, and friends,

We are presenting our first Lake Ridge Choir concert in the PAC at Lake Ridge.  This will be a wonderful space for us and will provide a tie-in with our campus.  However, I am worried about having enough seating.  I do not want there to be a standing room situation, and it is important for the students to hear each other as well.

So we are having two shows on Monday, October 29 – the same music both times – at 7:00 and 7:40 pm.  There will also be a small reception in the cafeteria at those same times.  So you can come at 7:00 and eat first or listen first!
To make sure there is an audience for both shows and still room for everyone, I am asking that you get a ticket – a FREE ticket – for the show you want to attend.  This will allow me to balance the crowds.

People can still show up at the door, but if most of the parents are assigned to one show or the other, I can leave room for other people, too.
Use the survey at the link above to sign up.  I will give your tickets to your student or leave them at the door for you, whichever you prefer.  You can also have your student just pick up tickets from me for the correct show. If you don’t have a preference, indicate that as well, and I will give you tickets to the time that works best overall.  (That would be my favorite option!)

REMEMBER:  No one will be turned away because they did not get a ticket ahead of time!

Thank you for your help on this.  I hope it works smoothly and everyone enjoys the reception and the concert.

Mr. Glenn

9/10 Honor Choir Results

I am very proud of all of you that auditioned this morning!! You worked hard and were well prepared. This is a tough competition. Only 18 girls and 12 boys in each section make the choir.

One Lake Ridge Eagle was selected to perform with the 9/10 Honor Choir.

Blair Orr – Bass 1

Congratulations, Blair!!

9-10 Cuts

Here are the cuts.

  1. Mark your music CLEARLY.
  2. Listen to the cuts – make sure you understand them.
  3. Download them (the down arrow by each track) if you wish to.

9-10 Cuts (right-click to download – click to open)