December Calendar – important additions

Click the link below to see our December Performance Schedule memo with details.  Students have also been given a copy of this.  The general information follows.

December Schedule


Nov 29 Thurs.   Poinsettias Delivery
Make arrangements to pick up your flowers after school to deliver them.
Dec. 4 or 5 After school
Sign up for times
Solo Auditions
Dec. 10 Monday 3:30-5:00 Rehearsal – all choirs – Required: test grade
Dec. 15 Saturday 6:00-7:00 Holiday Voice Recital at Mochalux in Arlington.   This is also a fundraiser for LRHS/THS Private Voice Program.  Support our singers!
Dec. 17 Monday Before school Students bring uniforms to school in the morning. 
    After school We will go to the MISD Arts Center right after school to check acoustics and walk through logistics.  We will eat dinner there and change into uniforms.
This time is required and is part of the concert grade.
Dec. 17 Monday 7:00 Christmas Concert – Required: 3 test grades
Dec. 19 Wed. All day Sundance Square – Fort Worth  Students who are academically eligible will participate in a field trip to Fort Worth on this day.

  • We will perform at the Fort Worth Christmas Tree at 12:30.
  • Tour Bass Hall
  • Discussion with FW Symphony Director of Special Events about careers and college prep
  • We will return to LRHS between 6:30 & 7:00