Solo Contest Results #1

We have 21 students participating in the MISD Vocal Solo Contest tonight. I am so pleased with everyone’s progress. Pushing yourself to develop your talent is a worthwhile challenge, and you will be a better musician for it!

Remember the rating scale used by the judge.
1 = superior performance
2 = excellent performance
3 = good performance

Here are the first few ratings:
Morales – 2
Flores – 1
Li – 1
Lewis – 1
Brown – 2



LRHS Choir Family,

A quick reminder that tomorrow is our concert.  Don’t forget…

  1. Your choir uniform (black dress/tuxedo, shoes, socks, etc.) clearly marked in a bag of some sort.
  2. Your food if you did not order the Jason’s Deli box dinner.  If a parent is bringing it – we eat at 6:00.
  3. Everyone is going over to the MISD Center right after school.  Report to the choir room immediately.
  4. Since we are going straight over after school, you might want to think about what to do with your iPad.  If you can get away without having it, perhaps don’t bring it to school.  Or put it in your locker after school.  Or lock it in my office after school.
  5. The concert starts at 7:30.
  6. We should be finished at 8:30.
  7. Everyone must have their own ride home after the concert.