Solo Contest Results

Eagles Sing!

Great job today by members of the Lake Ridge Choir at MISD Solo-Ensemble Contest. I am very proud of the hard work that everyone put in to grow musically and as a performer.

Superior Rating – “I”

Class 1 (hardest level): Sydney Banks, Madison Robb
Class 2: Macy Bryant, Mireya Carroll, Christiana Gentry, Ella Gwartney, Celeste Lee-Wo, Kameron Conner, Brandon Gentry

Excellent Rating – “II”

Class 1: Maiyah Kelly, Morgan Peugh
Class 2: Desiree Blanchette, Yordon Journey, “How Merrily We Live” Ensemble (Gentry, Gwartney, Olvera)

Awesome Worker Hosts

And a special thank you to Mrs. Peugh and Mrs. Gentry and the fantastic student workers. You all made the day run smoothly and received compliments from directors and judges. Thank you…

Sydney Banks, Desiree Blanchette, Gelimber Calvillo, Bami Olayiwola, Anthony Razzano, Maiyah Kelly, Morgan Peugh, Brandon Gentry, Ryan Veasley, Torrance O’Neal, Hannah Bradley, Vi Tran, Jordan Gremillion-Smith, Aryn Chambliss, Christiana Gentry

SR Packet Assignments – Wk of Feb 1

Students, you received your sight-reading packets today. You assignments were:

  • Level 1: Lesson 9, Part C – label all 3 lines with solfege syllables (choose treble OR bass clef)
  • Level 2: C Major (p. 5) #1-3 – label with solfege syllables (choose treble OR bass clef)
  • Level 3: Label #6, 7, 11 – Key of G (G=do)
  • Your next recorded test will be singing a line from these exercises.