Choir Lists for Next Year

Wow! Next year looks like it will be exciting – building on the success of this fantastic year!!

We will grow from 112 to about 160 students!! I look forward to working these amazing groups. You may need to scroll to see BOTH files – the concert choirs and the show choir list.


Spring Concert Solos

WOW!! This was a really hard choice this year! So many people auditioned, and everyone did so well. Here are the songs that will be on the concert. I will come up with the order later.

  • Macy Bryant – Butterfly Fly Away (Hannah Montana: The Movie)
  • Yusuf Muhammad – Go the Distance (Hercules)
  • Michelle Nguyen, Gilliana Tawaran, Marjorie Lim – I Won’t Say I’m in Love (Hercules)
  • Lexi Taggart – Here I Am (Camp Rock)
  • Gilliana Tawaran – Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid)
  • Jennifer Vo – Reflection (Mulan)
  • Madison Wright – This Is Me (Camp Rock)

For “I See the Light” – Tessa Holt, Kynnedi Brown, Marissa Dominguez, and Tessa Newton

“I Just Can’t Wait to Be King – Chayce Earl


Banquet Map


Doors open at 6:30 – Starts at 7:00 – Ends at 10:30

UIL – It’s time!!

First – some quick reminders:

  • Concert Choir – rehearsal Monday afternoon
  • Everyone – get your uniform ready – all parts located and prepared
  • Know the schedule

I would also like you to know how proud I am of everyone’s progress over the last few weeks. You have put in a lot of hard work and paid attention to little details. The result has been warm, expressive tone – beautiful, unified vowels – and meaningful dynamic contrast. I look forward to hearing what you can do on stage and in the sight-reading room this week!!