Fall Concert Details


8:00 at Willie Pigg Auditorium (see map below)


6:15 Mary Lillard Int. Choir Concert
7:00 Danny Jones MS Choir Concert
7:30 All students arrive in uniform. Meet in front of the Pigg. Points will be deduced from this test grade if you are late.
7:40 (or right after the Danny Jones concert is over)
Rehearse combined song and walk through logistics
7:55 Choirs to their seats
8:00 Concert begins
Sign out Students need to sign out before leaving after the concert.
  • The concert counts as three test grades. If you are on time, in uniform, behave appropriately, perform, and sign out after the concert is over, you will get a 100. Points will be deducted for any of these expectations that are not met.
  • Audience etiquette – Do not have cell phone or iPad with you in the audience. Do not talk during any performance. Stay in your seat.
  • Remember appearance guidelines discussed in class regarding jewelry and hair.

Parking at the auditorium is problematic. Make sure you and parents arrive early enough to park and be inside on time. The Danny Jones concert should be getting out about the time students are supposed to arrive. You can get dropped off and come in while parents find a parking spot.

TMEA Round 2 Results

Round 2 TMEA results are in, and Eagle Singers did very well.

Two students made All-Region Choir and therefore also qualify for Round 3 of the All-State process. As an added bonus, they can prepare for the next audition together.

  • Christian Gentry – Soprano 2 – All-Region Chair 15
  • Brandon Gentry – Tenor 2 – All-Region Chair 13

Two others made one of the Region honor choirs.

  • Khang Tran – Bass 2 – All-District Choir
  • Toba Awoniyi – Bass 2 – 9/10 Honor Choir