Careers in Music

Read these directions and those on the worksheet carefully. Incomplete work will get a lower grade.

  • Click the link below.
  • Then click “Music Careers” at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down a little to “MUSIC CAREERS”. Select a category.
  • Scroll down to the list of careers. There is a little information on each. Find two you want to learn about and click “become a…”.
  • Read the articles about each career – keep scrolling, they are long. Answer the questions for each career.
  • Hand in your work.

Click here –> MUSIC CAREERS

Advanced Interval Practice


You will need your KEYBOARD page and the INTERVAL CHART from Monday to complete this exercise.

15-minute interval identification exercise – CLICK HERE

When finished –

  1. click “show report”
  2. sign report by typing your full name
  3. copy the verification code
  4. paste the code in the form below
Please select a valid form

Jan 19-20 Assignments

Video for A day classes


B day Career Assignment

This is the written part of your assignment.

You will get a worksheet with some questions about music careers.

  • Click the link below. Scroll down past the “Amazing Career Finder” to the list of careers!
  • Pick a career to explore that interests you in some way.
  • Answer the BEFORE YOU READ questions prior to reading the article.
  • Read the article – keep scrolling, it is long. Answer the remaining questions.
  • Hand in your work.

Click here – MUSIC CAREERS



SR Packet Assignments – Wk of Feb 1

Students, you received your sight-reading packets today. You assignments were:

  • Level 1: Lesson 9, Part C – label all 3 lines with solfege syllables (choose treble OR bass clef)
  • Level 2: C Major (p. 5) #1-3 – label with solfege syllables (choose treble OR bass clef)
  • Level 3: Label #6, 7, 11 – Key of G (G=do)
  • Your next recorded test will be singing a line from these exercises.