Please view the Handbook slides below. Then sign and return the Choir Contract and Travel Form. You should also receive a calendar from your student – or you can view it at the link to the right.

The slides will advance automatically, but you can pause the show on each if you want more time to view and read.

Always up for a good challenge

Click to watch Chorale’s Mannequin Challenge.


Jan 19-20 Assignments

Video for A day classes


B day Career Assignment

This is the written part of your assignment.

You will get a worksheet with some questions about music careers.

  • Click the link below. Scroll down past the “Amazing Career Finder” to the list of careers!
  • Pick a career to explore that interests you in some way.
  • Answer the BEFORE YOU READ questions prior to reading the article.
  • Read the article – keep scrolling, it is long. Answer the remaining questions.
  • Hand in your work.

Click here – MUSIC CAREERS