Outstanding Solo-Ensemble Results!!

I am so proud of the singers who performed at MISD Vocal Contest today!! Fifteen soloists and Harmonix all competed, and everyone did very well. Everyone received either a 1 (superior) or 2 (excellent) on a scale of 1 to 5, with 13 out of the 15 soloists being rated “superior”.


  • Superior rating for Medium Ensemble
  • Superior on Class 1 (most difficult level) solo
    Sydney Banks
    Maiyah Kelly
    Chloe Martinez
    Natalie Merrell
    Paige Riggins
    Madison Robb
    Cedtrese Williams
  • Superior on Class 2 solo
    Macy Bryant
    Lauren Cole
    Ann Ehikhamenor
    Karmyn Livings
    Jessica Williams
  • Superior on Class 3 solo
    Kameron Conner
  • Excellent on solo
    Morgan Howard
    Karissa Littrell

We also hosted the competition here at Lake Ridge. Our student workers were very efficient and excellent hosts!! Thank you for working…

Sydney Banks, Cassidy Burdick, Christian Farley
Paulina de Jesus, Maiyah Kelly, Kenya Anderson
Angela Miller, Desiree Blanchette, Thalya Hendrie
Yordon Journey, Taylor Brock, KaylaMarie Valdez
Haleigh Thompson, Taylor Teague, Chloe Martinez

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