Fall Concert is Monday – info

Fall Concert – Monday

Here is the timeline that was also sent home.

6:30 Mary Lillard Int. Choir Concert
7:00 Danny Jones MS Choir Concert (Harmonix will perform)
7:30 All students arrive in uniform. Pay attention in class to know where to go when you arrive. Points will be deduced from this test grade if you are late.
7:40 (or right after the Danny Jones concert is over)
Rehearse combined song and walk through logistics
7:55 Choirs to their seats
8:00 Concert begins
Sign out Students need to sign out before leaving after the concert.

LINK to music for study: CLICK HERE if you forgot your folder.

The concert will be at Willie Pigg Auditorium on the Wester MS Campus. The Danny Jones MS Choir concert will be ending about 7:30, so parking will be a challenge. Please drop students off and then find a parking spot.

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